Curricular Aspects

Curricular Planning and implementation

The institution ensures effective curriculum delivery through a well planned and documented process

Our colleges is affiliated with M.D. University Rohtak that has complete control of syllabus, schedule of admissions, schedule of teaching days, schedule of exam and winter and summer vacations. College is supposed to follow the prescribed syllabi, which are prepared by the university as per changing scenario in the education system. The college implements the prescribed course contents, teaching schedule and activities as decided by the university. However the teachers may send their suggestions to the university, regarding syllabus in their respective subjects.

Curriculum is the basic requirement of the institution--- teacher and the taught. The teaching staff of the college is very particular and pays special heed towards it. The principal conducts meeting of the teaching staff in the month of June end or July every year before the admission process starts. The teachers are advised to download the curriculum of their respective classes and subjects from the University web site. Teachers are asked to study and understand the syllabus properly, prepare the teaching plan and complete the syllabus before the university examination. The teachers emphasize the ethics and moral values while teaching their topics and make sincere efforts for the holistic development of the students. The college follows the feedback system for the students and the teachers.

After every month, the teachers give test to the students as per the syllabus taught by them. Students are encouraged to ask questions in the class room and teachers solve their problems.

A Pre-University exam is held before the commencement of each university semester i.e. 1st, 3rd and 5th Semester (Nov/ Dec) and 2nd, 4th and 6th Semester in (Apr/May) to prepare the students for University exams. Proper record is maintained of class tests, attendance and projects prepared by the students. All the members of teaching staff prepare their teachers diary, divide the syllabus and cover the syllabus as per its division. The syllabus of all the classes are being completed in time before the exams. The management of the college is appreciative of the results of each class being higher than the M.D. University results.

Curriculum Enchainment

Institution integrates cross- cutting issues relevant to Gender, Environment and Sustainability, Human Values and Professional Ethics into the

In the classrooms, the teachers explain the title of the chapter, the content of the chapter and the purpose thereof. History and life of the writer is detairled because Circumstances, Environment and the Society in general impress every author. Teachers are asked to relate every story or the chapter with the day-to-day life of the students and the society.

Values are the dynamic and the driving force of life. These are the values that make human life valuable. So special thrust is given to inculcate human values among girl students. First, they are taught meaning and importance of discipline in every discipline at this college. To a good disciple, discipline is must. If she obeys the rules of the college and obeys her parents, is a good disciple or a student.

The teaching staff focuses on all the 31 human values in India (26th Human values in Geeta and 5 human values developed by Indian Society). Humility and the fearlessness are specially focused. Students are advised to be humble and fearless in every act of life. Human life is directly related with the environment. If environment is good, life is better hence, the students are advised to plant trees in their college and homes. The teachers explain the importance of the cleanliness in human life as un-cleanliness brings diseases and death.

Ethics have a bigger role in life. These make our life viable and sustainable. Students are advised to be courteous and practical in life. They are taught how to be well behaved in their life. Treat others as they themselves want to be treated by others.

Students are taught that the gender bias concept is meaningless. Girls are not inferior to boys rather they are stronger and mentally more alert and physically more cute than their counter parts being closer to nature. Nature has favored the girls in the matter of patience and tolerance and few students in the society have proved this fact.