Students Evaluation Report

The main purpose of writing a report is to know about the perception level of the students. The college conducts student evaluation feedback programme every year which brings out positive results for the proper functioning of teaching and learning process. The students gave a positive outlook regarding the classroom teaching. They gave a 100 % satisfaction approach regarding the teaching. The syllabus is completed on time along with the revisions done time to time. The practical are conducted on time along with the completion practical and sessional. Personal feedback is given regarding the able communication efforts laid by teachers in the teaching and learning process. Finally the overall assessment of the staff as well as college was given by the students.

Teachers Feedback Report

  I.P College continues to be excellent in teaching, both in the classroom and online. The teachers devote a great amount of personal effort in their daily teaching activities. The teachers remain open and respective to comments and suggestions as to have the teaching grow and improve. The teachers respond positively to all the discussed previews. The teachers are making an outstanding contribution to teaching. The teachers gave a positive feedback regarding the working environment, working schedules and timing. They also gave suggestions regarding various things which need to be improved and verified.

Parents Feedback Report

  Overall average of the parent’s feedback was excellent on academic and non- academic facilities. Admission of their daughter in this college as preference, was rated very high by the parents. They provided excellent feedback rating for admission procedure adopted by the college. Security and discipline of the college campus was also higher commended by the most of the parents. Parents also rated academic atmosphere very high and most parents found college infrastructure adequate and rated very good. On analyzing the feedback, it is observed that parents are largely satisfied by the effort made by the college administration, teaching, learning, discipline and other related matters and a high degree of satisfaction has been shown by the parents on implementation of some of the suggestions made by them.